David Grifiths
May 2013

It's that time of year when we reflect on the last 12 months and ask the difficult questions of our brands that inspire the annual planning cycle. If you're feeling daunted by the sea of big-data or the pile of familiar templates, why not look at some more acidic questions from Make Believe's STORYTELLING armoury and cut to the heart of the challenge more quickly:

Premise - What's at stake for consumers with your brand, why should they care?

Controlling Idea - What's the big idea or fascinating question you're selling and are they buying it?

Genre - What type of story are you telling and is it sufficiently different from that of your competitors?

Role - What role are you asking consumers to play in your brand and are they engaged?

Antagonism - Are you being clear about what you are fighting for and against in the world and is it resonating?

Inciting Incident - How are you inspiring reappraisal and is it working?

Setting - Is your brand world so enticing that consumers want to step into it and make it their own?

Point of View - Does the angle from which you are telling your story need a refresh to sustain engagement?

Hooks - Have you got a clear hook for each of your audiences and is it irresistible?

Dialogue - How unforgettable is your brand voice and is it authentically opening a dialogue?

We hope these provide a fresh angle on the planning process. If you'd like some support, we now do a one day intensive ‘brand story workshop’ to kick start your thinking and turbo charge ideation.

To find out more please contact us directly.

Happy planning!


About the Author:
David Griffiths is a senior strategic consultant with Make Believe UK. david@makebelieveuk.com