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Make Believe works across the Consumer, Media and Healthcare sectors in addressing some of today’s key business challenges.

We combine the best of traditional management consultancy with the powerful principles and techniques of storytelling to deliver impact and engagement.



People do not buy your product or service or idea. They buy your story. Great brands have always known this.

Make Believe helps you find and articulate the most compelling story for your brand, and to craft a strategy that inspires innovative new offerings for customers and consumers. 


An inevitable consequence of the challenging health care environment is that companies have to adapt to thrive.

Make Believe helps companies to craft a compelling narrative not only for investors and analysts on the reason for change but also for  employees to engage them in making it happen.


The truth is no one remembers a good business plan, but great stories are unforgettable.

Make Believe works alongside leaders to bring their visions to life through story - revealing narratives that ignite conversations and influence culture, people and value.


The best innovations don’t start with an idea, they start with a story.

Our unique approach to innovation helps you develop a learning culture, align business and innovation strategy and embed customer empathy for lasting impact.


We believe insights are fundamental to engagement and competitive advantage.

We also believe that not all insights are created equal. The lens of storytelling allows us to see insights differently and reveal new understanding.


Creating and capturing value throughout a brand’s life cycle is increasingly challenging in the evolving healthcare environment.

Make Believe offers innovative techniques that help brands accelerate speed to market, maximize resource allocation and extend lifetime performance.